Covid 19 update

There is nothing we want more than to resume training as usual. We had hoped to be able to resume training as early as March, but as it seems now, the situation is completely unclear. (but as it seems now, summer training is likely, but then with limitations to our regular workouts.)

In the prevailing social situation and with the current directive from the Public Health Authority, we see that it is not possible at the present time to resume regular group training without seriously risking the health of our members and their families.

Stockholm Requirements Maga Center is a non-profit association and from an economic perspective this is a very serious situation. Without the revenue we get from members, we are not able to run the business. For example, we receive no government or other grants. In the last few years we have managed to save up a financial buffer, but it is insufficient. At the time of writing, we will cope until the summer.

The fixed costs associated with the training remain; For example, rent and electricity must be paid in good order. We instructors are working to find ways to reduce costs or increase revenue, but it looks dark and we are uncertain today how to handle the situation. Proposals are gratefully received at

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