Welcome to Stockholms most experienced center for self protection!

Stockholm Krav Maga Center has been around since 2001 and is without comparison Stockholms most renowned center for learning self defence. Here you will work with techniques, body and mental aspects. We are members of the Swedish federation Krav Maga Sweden (KMS) which contributes to our thinking and values and also ensures that our teachings constantly evolves in order to provide better training and to adapt to ever-changing conditions in our society.

KMS Krav Maga is by comparison easy to learn and provides you with methods, tools and techniques to be able to handle all aspects of street violence such as conflict management, mental preparedness, stress management, tactics, punches and kicks, ground fight, multiple assailants, dark and cramped areas and much more.

With us you will train physically and mentally in a safe and inviting environment!

Information about the next start of the Beginner’s Course

In the membership you will always receive

  • T-shirt

    The first time you register a t-shirt is included in the semester or yearly pass.

  • Accident insurance

    In case of an accident you are always insured. The Insurance covers Medical expenses.

  • The most experienced instructors in Sweden

    With us you will be safe with the knowledge that what we teach is in most cases based on our own experiences. Many of our instructors have extensive first hand experience of real violence and know how to teach others how to handle it.

  • Buy personal training

    You will be able to easily puchase personal training to fit your needs.

  • Access to more training sessions

    At the start of the semester you will be able to train twice per week. Later during the semester you will have up to five sessions per week to choose from.

  • Opportunity to participate in closed seminars

    As a member you have access to closed seminars and other activities targeted only to our members.