Next beginner’s course August 2023

Pre-registration on Thursday August 17th at any time during the time 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at our premises on Gästrikegatan 11 gives you the opportunity to secure a spot in the required entry-level group, in good time to fill in personal data in the computer, pay semester or annual fee and receive the t-shirt.

If you cannot register at the above time, we can solve the registration otherwise subject to availability. You are of course welcome to the training center during regular training time after the semester starts August 22nd to take one of the remaining places. As a registered student, you are accident insured during training and transportation to and from the training center.

Opportunity to one trial workout is subject to space during the first two weeks after the start of semester. You will need reasonable workout clothes and sneakers for indoor use. If you wish to try one session before you sign up for a full semester then the pre-registration is not for you.

If you sign up during Pre-registration you are guaranteed a spot in one of the Beginner’s groups. Registration on the computer takes about 5 minutes per student, but the wait before registering on any of the computers can be longer. No training nor demonstration will be held, the Beginner’s Registration is a purely administrative activity.