Semester passSemester passYearly passSummer pass
Students / Police / Military
2 500 kr2 200 kr4 800 kr800 kr
T-shirt is included the first timeT-shirt is included the first timeT-shirt is included the first time.
Summer training is included.
For students that have trained at least one full semester of modern Krav Maga
Trial session
100 kr
May only be used once per semester and subject to availability.
The fee will be deducted from semester or yearly pass.
No trial session during the summer.

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Private training

The structure and scope are determined individually depending on the goal, experience of violence and previous training. The profession also plays a role in this planning.

For completely new to modern Krav Maga, private training is not recommended as many basic exercises require several participants. We would rather see private training as either a complement to regular group training for someone who wants to develop faster or as a replacement for someone who has previously trained a lot of modern Krav Maga.

Rates (per person)
1 participant 800 kr/h
2 participants 600 kr/h
3-4 participants 500 kr/h
5+ participants – Contact us

Active members get 100 kr discount on above rates.